Nhyira is an individual with diverse expertise who travels around speaking in conferences on various topics ranging from Christianity, Wealth, Success, Education, Career, Entrepreneurship, among others. 

His passion for the Youth and Empowering this generation to take responsibility for their life has been recognised by a lot of people and celebrated. You can be guaranteed to have an EMPOWERED event when Nhyira Premium is among the speakers for your next event. 

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As a Minister of the Gospel of Christ Jesus, Nhyira Premium teaches the word of God with intensity, power and prayer with signs of deliverance and miracles in the Power of God. 

He is a profound Preacher with much love for seeing the Children of God liberated and become world – changers in their family, community and country. 


Nhyira Premium believes that the only way to eradicate poverty and reduce substantially if not eliminate crime and other social vices is to empower the youth with skills that enable them to utilise their potential, talents and God – given assignment. 

This has driven him to host and mentor rising business leaders in various capacities from starting a business, growing and taking your business online and using technology to rapidly become successful. 


 Becoming successful in life and being among the top five in your field of expertise or business industry requires consistent work, motivation, dedication and most importantly, SELF – DISCIPLINE. 

However, at every stage of the way you may feel overwhelm and sometimes even decide to quit because you lack the motivation to push on. This is where Nhyira comes in with Live – changing motivational messages to recharge and empower to pursue your dreams.