Management Accounting

575.00 525.00


The aim of this module is to ensure that students develop a knowledge and understanding of the various budgeting and cost accounting principles, concepts and techniques appropriate for planning, decision-making and control, and the ability to apply these techniques in the generation of management accounting reports. Students are introduced also to key management accounting concepts applied in the public sector.

On completion of this module, candidates will reach a competency sufficient to be able to:

(A) Identify, explain and apply contemporary approaches to standard costing of products and services and explain and comment on their application

(B) Identify and explain the issues of budgetary control in management decision making and prepare key budgets (C) Use management information from variance reports to support decision making

(D) Use management information to apply decision-making techniques relevant to short-term decisions

(E) Identity, describe and calculate relevant data for use in long term decision making and comment on their applications (F) Identify and explain the key features of effective performance management systems

Remember: You will get the Examination Analysis Document (MAY 2020) Examination Sitting