Corporate Strategy, Ethics & Governance

480.00 299.00

The aim of this subject is to equip candidates with the skills in the formulation, selection and implementation of corporate strategy.  It acquaints candidates with the concepts and principles of strategic management and builds on their knowledge acquired from previous studies in the functional area of management to solve business problems/cases. Emphasis is on the ability of candidates to diagnose organisational problems and provide options for dealing with them.

In this course, you will study the following 

  1. Introductory Discussions – Course Overview
  2. Examination Analysis Document (May 2019)
  3. Overview of Strategic Management
  4. Developing Organizational Mission and Objectives
  5. Analysing the External and Internal Organizational Environments
  6. Strategic Management and International Operations
  7. Strategic Alternatives: Analysis and Selection
  8. Strategy Implementation – Management issues
  9. Strategy Implementation: Marketing and Operations Issues
  10. Strategy Implementation – Financial and Human Resource Management Issues
  11. Strategy Evaluation and Control
  12. Business Ethics
  13. Corporate Social Responsibility
  14. Corporate Governance: Framework and Mechanism
  15. The Role of Boards in Corporate Governance
  16. The Role of Transparency in Corporate Governance