Business and Corporate Law

475.00 440.00



The aim of this module is to provide candidates with an understanding of the general legal framework, and of specific areas of law relating to business, in order to determine whether strategies and the organisation is in compliance with established regulations, recognising the need to seek further specialist legal advice where necessary.

On completion of this module, candidates will reach a competency sufficient to be able to:
(A) Identify and explain the essential elements of the legal system, including the main sources of law

(B) Identify and apply the appropriate legal rules relating to the law of obligations

(C) Explain and apply the law relating to employment relationships

(D) Distinguish between alternative forms and constitutions of business organisations

(E) Identify and explain the types of capital and the financing of companies

(F) Describe and explain how companies are managed, administered and regulated

(G) Identify and explain the legal implications relating to companies in difficulty or in crisis including the processes of insolvency and administration

(H) Explain the governance and ethics and fundamental human rights issues relating to business

Remember: You will get the Examination Analysis Document (MAY 2020) Examination Sitting